Longman Dictionary of Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics

Dictionary details:

  • Title: Longman Dictionary of Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics.
  • Author(s): Jack C. Richards and Richard Schmidt.
  • Publisher: Pearson Education.
  • Language: British English.
  • Pages: 606.
  • Size: 1.94 Mb.
  • Format: PDF in rar.
  • Date: 2002; 3rd Edition.
  This dictionary considers one of the best tools in teaching and applied linguistic. It covers many of the vocabulary of both language teaching and applied linguistics.
This dictionary includes terms from the following areas of study in the field of language teaching:
• teaching methods and approaches in language teaching

• curriculum development and syllabus design
• second language acquisition
• the teaching of listening, speaking, reading and writing
• computer assisted language learning
• teacher education in language teaching
• English grammar and pronunciation
• language testing, research methods, and basic statistics

Key Features

  • 2000 detailed entries from subject areas such as teaching methodology, curriculum development, sociolinguistics, syntax and phonetics.
  • Clear and accurate definitions assume no prior knowledge of the subject matter and includes helpful examples, diagrams and tables.
  • Links related subject areas and helps broaden students’ knowledge


Jack C Richards is an internationally recognized expert on second language teaching and is an author of over 150 textbooks. Richard Schmidt is a leading researcher and scholar in applied linguistics who has published many articles in the area of second language acquisition.Keep visiting this blog for more gmat courses, toefl books, books to learn English, how to learn English speaking, where to learn English, ielts books, how to learn English grammar, free English grammar books and many many other books and lessons.


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